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Mexican-US Relations and the Reality of Illegal Immigration

It is widely known that positive relations with a neighboring country or Nation State are extremely important and of course desired as well. However, we see problems with continuation of the charade with Mexico in order to foster US-Mexican relations. In that the Mexican President has went on their National TV and told people to go to the United States to work and send back money to your family. This issue was recently brought up in an online think tank as one member rather miffed over the situation states;

“Our President and future President's need to stop candy-assing around and kick some butt in the Mexican government.”

Indeed he is are preaching to the Choir, as most Americans probably feel the same way, but remember all the other inter-related issues, we cannot afford Mexico as our enemy and Venezuela would love to have them on board, as Cuba passes their torch to the next generation and other Central American and South American countries join ranks.

This picture is a huge chessboard and GM is building six plants in Mexico as we speak. We need a 300 mile free zone into Mexico also for my plan to work [Lance Winslow’s 50-70 Year Roadmap for an Open US-Mexican Border], but without worthy incentives they may not go for that interim plan [300 Mile Free Zone on Mexico Side of the Border] lets say in 10-years.

Of course the problem now is the current situation. With 20 million illegal aliens in the US and 4 million with over stayed VISAs of which 60% the total 24 million is from Mexico and many of them in the last 3-4 years have been told to come here by their own government. So we must consider all this in 2006.

Article Source: http://coolimmigration.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow