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Immigration - A Term Paper

Meaningful immigration reform for the present is dead. The party in power seems afraid to take positive action and come up with a correct solution. The Democrats and their nest of liberal cronies embrace immigration and take delight in seeing the decline of America. They see an increase in potential voters among the immigrants pouring across our southern border and will sell the soul of this country to gain power. Anytime the president makes a move the Democrats and their trial lawyer bandits are waiting in the wings to destroy meaningful solutions to the runaway immigration situation.

Want to find out how and why great nations fall. Do a search on "the fall of the roman empire." Read the reasons the Roman Empire declined and fell in A.D. 476. In her final years Rome would not defend her borders against the barbarians. Rome depended more on higher paid mercenary armies to defend her borders. The Roman farmer/patriot had vanished. Rome even hired the very barbarians they were trying to stop to defend her borders. The eventual barbarian invasion squashed any plans the Roman leaders may have had to fix pressing problems. The parallels between what happened to the Roman Empire and what is taking place in the United States should be of concern to all patriots.

To stop the present barbarian invasions private citizens must take the initiative as their elected officials will do little of nothing. Not everyone can go and patrol the Mexican border however you might consider donating to the Minuteman organization. They have done a credible job of impeding the flow of illegal immigrants across out southern border. For the moment they are a non violent group of patriots taking action.

To really put some teeth in immigration reform we must toss out the weak willed politicians. We must make this a super important issue at election time. Stop this amnesty for illegal's business. Stop draining our treasury to provide unfunded benefits for illegals. Use the present laws to toss out the illegal's here. So we can't eject 12 million illegal aliens, and then eject what we can. Do you want the mother country of America to be Mexico? Take action.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com