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Illegal Aliens Should Be Welcome in the United States

Many of the protestors in the immigration marches have stated that we need open borders and that illegal aliens should not be treated as criminals for breaking the law. Instead they marched in rallies with Mexican Flags to show their appreciation for being in our great nation. What is up with that I have often wondered? Break the law and then shove it in our faces why donít you? Interesting indeed.

One political activist Mr. J. Morales said illegal immigration does not bother him, why is everyone so touchy over this issue. Then he states that often illegal aliens are found dead and no one cares, but if one girl is missing in Aruba from America the whole world is up in arms and it is on the TV every night.

Well, He is right you know, Illegal Aliens often come here and joining the MS-13 gangs and are sometimes found dead in allies. No one cares about these drug smugglers and drug dealers or gang-bangers who run around killing each other and committing crimes.

No one seems to care about the 36% of the prison population in AZ being illegal aliens. They just wanted to build a better life by committing crimes, selling drugs, committing their fifth DUI, rape, beating up on women or stealing a car. You know they needed a car, and well you drove a nice car so they were merely permanently borrowing it? What is the big deal? Just because they had 5-prior convictions? Give them a break they are just poor illegal aliens, how inhuman of you stupid Americans? Consider the hypocrisy of these arguments and all of this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com