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Illegal Aliens and the Race Card

The recent illegal immigration marches and rallies have sure been telling. We have illegal aliens marching with Mexican Flags in our country telling us we cannot enforce our own laws? What is going on here? Some say that this is a sign of things to come. I agree, the writing is on the walls.

We are worried about illegal immigration and they are turning this into a race thing. But it is not a race issue at all. There are Illegal Aliens who are from all countries of the world. Some, here with friends, some with family; some are good and a small percentage are rotten to the core. We have some Russian Illegal Aliens, who are criminals and have a mob style way of doing things, we have Chinese Gangs and this MS-13 is sure a problem too.

Now we have marching and Mexican Flags waving and some calling this a race issue, which brings on-board US Citizens who are of Mexican origins. I think this whole thing is out of hand, and it is better to take a stand now than let it fester, until it is uncontrollable. We need to streamline immigration process, have fair rules for tourists, travelers and guest workers and programs where legal guest workers may use their time here as probationary period for their citizen application if they later choose.

We cannot shut off the world, but we also should not shoot our nation in the foot with bad policy, which exacerbates the problem. So, these are all serious issues. Could all this eventually lead to a civil war in the future? Well a Civil War, could be averted, but if we move towards socialism like France, we will indeed also find ourselves with their style of problems. I think that is a dumb path to take the country. How long if we keep making mistakes? 5-8 years if we do not correct things at the least and 8-15 years if we do nothing or perhaps never if we simply re-unite the whole, treat immigrants fairly and ask them all to go back and re-apply and set it up correctly and secure borders. What do you think? Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com