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Illegal Aliens and the Illegal Businesses that Hire Them

It is against the law to knowingly hire an illegal alien, but some industries do it all the time. Most of us know which ones these are. But it is amazing that when we as Americans see this we do not say anything about it or even bother to make a simple phone call to turn them in and help turn down the inflows of illegal aliens to our nation.

May I ask you why you allow illegal aliens to work in your neighborhood and say nothing about it, but complain to your friends about the illegal immigration situation in our nation? Why do you send emails back and forth on the subject to friends, yet allow it to go on right under your nose like this? Wouldn’t you say that you are being rather hypocritical on this issue? I mean consider what you are doing and saying and how they really do not match. What am I talking about you ask?

Well simple really; Your local carwash. The car wash, which has been there for years and you often go to; the one, which has in fact been hiring illegal aliens in your neighborhood for over ten years. Not are they hiring illegal aliens and breaking the law, but they are also doing it to exploit people, so they can make more money. Yet, you sit there and watch these illegal aliens dry off your car and then you hand them a $2.00 tip and get in your clean car and drive way?

Interesting that you are such a hypocrite? Ask yourself; “Do I suck or what?” then ask yourself when you are going to pick-up up that phone and use some of those 250 minutes per month to make that call and do the right thing and turn in this illegal business, which is hiring illegal aliens? Consider this and do it today.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com