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Illegal Immigration » American Heros In The Fight Agains Illegal Immigration

Arizona Bihsops Want America To Show Compassion To Illegal Aliens

Arizona's Catholic bishops say politicians ought to make America's immigration policies more compassionate toward illegal immigrants. - KVOA TV Tucson

I thought that politicians first concern was the American public.

Maybe, instead of giving this country away to those who obviously do not respect it enough to obey its laws, we can tell these illegal aliens, "No!" You cannot enter our country illegally and burden our hospitals, schools, welfare, and social security.

Maybe your twelve million plus people who are living here can grow a backbone and fight against your repressive government. That is kind of how this country came to be in the first place.

Here, I'll translate it for you if you cannot understand me in English:

"Da me libertad, o da me muerto."

That might not be a perfect translation of Patrick Henry's, "Give me liberty, or give me death," but I think you get the picture.

It asks Arizona's Catholics to follow the church's tradition of embracing newcomers.

I welcome every newcomer to my country who comes here legally. I'm sorry, but as a Catholic, I was also taught to have respect for the law! Why do the precious illegal aliens get a pass on that, Bishops?

The church leaders wrote that America has a right to control its borders and that they weren't condoning illegal immigration.

The bishops do say illegal immigrants make a valuable contribution to the country.

Well, thanks Bishops, for allowing America control its borders. Perhaps you should stick to what you know and allow America to do its job. I do not see the American government telling you how to run mass, as well they should not.

If you are not condoning illegal immigration, why do you say they make a valuable contribution to the country? I would think lawbreaking does the exact opposite.

Please, Bishops, do not try to put a compassionate face on this issue. Illegal immigration is a plague on our country. America has every right to defends her borders and to allow whoever they wish to enter or not enter this country. Many of us American Catholics, especially this one, get extremely upset when you cater to illegal aliens at the expense of America and Americans!

Copyright 2005 - John St. Michael.


Source: www.coolimmigration.com