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Illegal Immigration and Real ID Debate

Some say that our economy would crumble almost immediately if all the illegal aliens, an estimated 20-million people left our nation tomorrow. One cannot deny that at the currently 5.5% unemployment figures that we need additional labor for our economy and our standard of living to continue. However we must also point out; that does not mean we should not find a way to control our borders.

Government's number one job is to protect her people, they failed us on 9-11 and we are the government, therefore it is our fault. We need some way to keep track of all those entering our nation. Not only due to the crime 33% illegal aliens fill our prisons. And for everyone in there we could send six kids to college each year? But also because we need to guard against diseases, which we were suppose to have eradicated. Small Pox, Polio, etc. And what about Hepatitis C and TB, STDs and the pending Bird Flu? You see we do not live with our chickens here like others in the world that do. We do not need those issues here either.

For those who have studied the illegal immigration issue since the Jordan Commission Era, they know that this is a serious issue and one we must address and not one we can go any longer without doing something about it. We need the problem fixed and if we do not, we will surely pay the price in the future. Think on it.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com