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Illegal Immigration » Economic Effects Of Illegal Immigration

Economic Enslavement and Illegal Alien Labor at Car Washes

Are illegal aliens really the only people who are willing to work at a car wash? Are car wash owners really forced to hire them just to stay in business? Or are the car wash owners really just exploiting the labor to the highest possible degree? If so, why? Are they just greedy in not wishing to pay benefits, have health insurance or pay over time?

We know that Hispanic illegal aliens will not complain against OSHA violations, on the job minor injuries or minor violations from their employers. Isnít that the real reason that most car wash owners cheat the system, lie about hiring illegal aliens and then use the rational that no one else wants the job?

From experience in the car wash industry for over 24 years I can tell you that our company never hired illegal aliens or violated immigration laws in hiring. We never exploited our labor or cheated the system? Why is it that citizens now are looking the other way at their local car washes? Wonít you join me in turning in all the companies who are exploiting the needy and hiring illegal aliens and then failing to pay their way?

Isnít it time that we all stood up and did the right thing and turned in the cheaters, liars and scum who exploit illegal aliens? Isnít it time that we recognized that ďillegalĒ aliens are illegal and those who hire them are also breaking the law. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com