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Los Angeles Survey Results; Are Illegal Aliens a Problem?

The illegal alien and illegal immigration situation in the United States is serious and our Federal Prisons now have 33% illegal aliens in them, in Arizona the number is about 40% plus. We have also had huge numbers of people joining gangs, busy selling drugs and causing crimes too.

Over 80 hospitals have closed in California due to the illegal immigration and illegal alien issues and 15 Billion is being sent back to Mexico each year as it leaves our economy and ends up funding economic development and paying for folks back in Mexico.

Recently in Los Angeles a survey was done to ask the residents what they thought of the illegal immigration issues there and they were asked; Are Illegal Aliens a Problem?

  • 1% of the males tried to hit on the Male survey taker
  • 5% did not understand the question
  • 35% said yes it is a problem
  • 59% said; no es un problemo!
And this tells us a bit about the public perception of the illegal alien situation in the Los Angeles, CA and perhaps some of the real issues behind why nothing meaningful is being done there to stop the massive flow of illegal aliens in that state. Perhaps you enjoyed this survey. I found it rather telling actually. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com