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Illegal Immigrants and the Drivers License

As American citizens we should struggle with the thought of an illegal immigrant attaining a drivers license whether in New York or any of the other 49 states. As a conservative I do hold the belief that each state should be able to dictate it's own set of laws regulating the roads and it's operators, but we must have national concern in mind when legislating such critical policy.

I know that Governor Spitzer had his personal convictions invested in the drive for illegal immigrants to receive the privilege of a drivers license, and fully aware he has backed down as of this week. We must remember that the Constitution was constructed to protect our rights not our privileges. If illegal immigrants are given drivers licenses then how secure would our borders be both to the north and south?

What is the argument? Those who support the push for illegals would argue that this would help us identify and keep tabs on illegals. While this may be true of it's intention the fact is this will complicate things. Will you give illegals a vertical card versus horizontal to identify them, will it have an "illegal" watermark, or will it simply be just the same as everyone else. The word, illegal, is statement within itself. If a person is illegal they should not have the identical privileges that a legal person would receive from our country, states, counties, or cities.

Terrorism would be aided and not stumped at this sort of legislation, and seventy percent of New Yorkers polled thought the same. For instance, let us just look at a New York that has approved such legislation. Illegal immigrants everywhere would flock to New York and settle in. The population increase would astronomical, and New York would be the safe harbor for terrorism in the United States.

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft and Kris Kobach helped implement a system back in 2001 called the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS). This system was implemented to force foreign travelers to give much more information than the simple I-94 form required. The system would then require previous visa holders to report within a certain period of time to update their info. The INS originally implemented this after 9/11 but soon after decided on a less powerful version of the system and thus weakening our ability to keep tabs on possible terrorists.

If we want to fight terrorism than there are certain systems that should be in place and the push for illegal immigrants to receive drivers licenses is not one of them.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com