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What if There is a Civil War Over Illegal Immigration; Who Benefits?

Would anyone really benefit if we divide our country in a civil war over illegal immigration? If it ever did happen who would benefit by such a horrible tragedy? Well; some say the Arab World, The Mecha Organization, President of Venezuela, Cuba, The Growing group of South American leaders who are anti-US due to trade issues mostly.

Also the World Financial Financiers would win in having economy crash and then buy on the cheap and then it would return. No more middle class to contend with, it would wipe them out. Although in the interim the whole world would lose as our middle class holds them up thru purchases. During a crisis like this no one would win except the group who was dead set on making it occur, as they would be in ahead of the temporary collapse.

The mass media hysteria is moving the controversy to a breaking point. But also realize many of the protestors in Dallas for instance were bused into the demonstrations on public transportation and school buses, so most of this is planned and incited hysteria to allow the masses some sound and fury. I would not say I am a conspiracy theorist, however my eyes are wide open. Think on this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com