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Hate Will Not Solve the Illegal Immigration Issues

It is so unfortunate that we have seen Illegal Immigration protestors holding up Mexican Flags and shouting; Down With America! Even worse is to see Americans so unsympathetic that they want to shoot anyone at the border who tries to cross. But in the end Hate will not solve the issues of illegal immigration.

Business Hiring Illegal Aliens and companies needing cheap labor should not be used as an avenue to exploit people. The need for labor is not an excuse to break the law. It is obvious with talk like this from both sides that we have a culture clash, which has bound to both sides of an issue. The issue of illegal immigration is neither about race or political party. It is only about "legal" and "illegal" immigration.

Recently in an online Blog a “day laborer” pretend poster stated that he hated all white people for the way they treated him. Later someone called him on this and stated;

“Besides your writing gives you away, you are a graduate college student of academia type or a professor, not a day laborer? Any one can see that by your carefully constructed sentences. And to that point you have made your point, indeed a good one.”

Personally I think the worst show of economic enslavement and poor treatment is at the carwashes. So if you want to have a demonstration for the media, go to any car wash with video cameras and news media, they could care less about their labor and the exploit the ever-living crap out of them too.

I understand the illegal aliens concerns also. But we need to streamline the immigration and work pass permits and set up fair probationary periods for those who are worthy to become citizens and we need to get rid of the drugs, shoot and kill dead all the gang members and prevent any potential illegal aliens of international terrorist notions from coming here. And we need to dump the BS "Hate your filthy white asses” motif and the “Down with America Chants" as that serves no one and that is silly because I don't hate you. I hate mediocrity, laziness and lack of human spirit of which most illegal immigrants appear to posses none of those qualities my friend. Let's be friends.

What is a man-made line drawn in the sand anyway when we are all one. Mexicans are proud Aztec descendants with a mixture of Spain European, half of all Americans have European decent too. We all share similar genes. This is getting out of hand really. Although we do need to address all issues and both sides of the argument have certainly brought up a few for the sound and fury, in the end the goal must be about tolerance, respect and a common cause for all and legal immigration, not illegal immigrations. What say you? Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com