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How Many Really in Attendance in Illegal Immigration Marches?

Well the illegal aliens are attempting to call the marches immigrant marches and they claim the just want a better life. But someone out there must be watching all these marches on Television and laughing their rears off? But really in Dallas where over three point five million people live, these illegal alien march organizers, well they could barely muster up 76,000 people, even busing them in on School Buses?

So much for the already over taxed school budgets and transportation divisions with diesel fuel up 5.82 cents on the week? We bus in illegal aliens and people to march. Give extra credit to students in MD who participate, tell them to sing a certain patriotic song, "don't worry you will know all the lyrics in English by the end of the 3-mile march". You know what this really is? It is part of the Government's initiative to get people to exercise and lose weight, because if we are going to exploit the crap out of the illegal aliens we don't want them to get fat like all of us. You are right this whole thing is a bunch of malarkey, giants publicity stunt.

What a massive distraction this is and may I ask why we allow all these marchers on work days when businesses need smooth traffic flow? If these folks came to work and I have to work, why do they get the day off to trash on my country and I have to work and pay into the system my taxes. Many Americans are really upset and about ready to vote all politicians out of office for their inability to lead this nation. Consider all this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com