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Border Security and Illegal Immigration May Divide the Democratic Party

It is feared that the Illegal Immigration issue may divide the Democratic Party in the upcoming 2008 Election, as it seems the ultra-left and often referred to, as the “bleeding heart” liberals believe in an open door policy and to help all the poor folks who wish to come to the United States to make a better life. Additionally they feel that no matter which way they come or how they get here, it should be acceptable. Recently a member of a think tank stated in an off-handed comment:

“I suppose that [Border Security and Illegal Immigrations] is a good issue, as it is a hot topic and will most likely be a big issue in the next election. Although the rhetoric involved in that issue are completely problematic. Both sides of the isle are concerned about this issue. Democrats supported by Unions, Christian Right and most conservatives. The bleeding heart liberals are not, but that will be the division of the Democratic Party, which kills them in the next two elections.”

Indeed those are some strong harsh words aren’t they? Could it be true that the far-left will be alienated by the Border Security issues and Illegal Immigration forcing a show down in their own party? A third party candidate could indeed wipe out any sense of balance between the Democrats and Republicans in the election for President. A Democratic Candidate calling for fences along the border man end up being attacked with protests by their own party.

This will be a huge issue in the upcoming elections because it is constantly in the media as the war on terror rages on. Additionally any slight hick-up in the economy or union job losses will force this issue to the forefront. Consider all this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com