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May 2006 : The Month McCain Fumbled Another GOP Nomination

It seems like a GOP Presidential nomination is not John McCain's best sport. Sure he is a prominent Senator and polls have showed before that he is a popular political figure.

So why wouldn't you want John McCain to be President?

Well, for anybody that has study politics or is in the business today, you know to win a Presidential bid that you must cater to your base. Sure there is nothing wrong with being a moderate like John McCain but you must show your base that you stand with them on their core issues. This is where John McCain fumbles and the month of May was full of John McCain fumbles.

He started the month out giving graduation speeches at both the most conservative and most liberal of campuses. Sure the GOP base likes that you gave a speech at Liberty but that will fade in their minds. In politics, the American people do not count how many things you did right; They count how many mistakes you've made.

Currently, the biggest issue to conservatives is illegal immigration. Conservatives just like myself feel that immigration is a national security issue and that people that break our nation's laws should not be rewarded.

What is John McCain's response to dissent on any sort of amnesty bill?

"What next -- are we going to say work-authorized immigrants are going to have to ride in the back of the bus?"

Fumble! This is only the first of many blunders in John McCain's bad month of May.

So the questions I wonder are...

What are you doing Johnny? We all thought you wanted the GOP nomination.

Are you really a conservative? I hope the Republican party will not stand for another "masked" conservative like George W. Bush.

Jonathan D. Rhyne

Source: www.coolimmigration.com