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Does It Makes Sense to Protest the Illegal Immigration Protestors?

We all watched in our living rooms in amazement the lack of gratitude shown by illegal immigrants who had broken the law and entered our nation illegally. We saw Mexican Flags flying in the streets of America, as protestors marched in our streets. At least one million foreign nationals here illegally protested our Nation here. And we allowed that; some people are saying that; enough is enough and are planning a US Citizens Day.

What is a US Citizens Day? Well the Non-Profit Group “US Citizens Day” are planning on July first of 2006 a special event; “Nationwide Rally to Stop Illegal Immigration” and when interviewed they said that a Citizens Day Without Illegal Aliens was now necessary stating;

“On May 1st, millions of illegal aliens demonstrated their economic power by boycotting U.S. businesses, schools, and hospitals. We can extend that concept by declaring our own Day Without Illegal Aliens. So, on On July 1st, you can demonstrate the economic power of U.S. citizens by boycotting businesses that you think employ illegal aliens. You do not have to prove it. You are just making a one-day statement.”

The US Citizens Day is in direct response to the protests and Communist Holiday Illegal Immigrant’s Boycott. We knew this was coming and now we seem to have a few very upset silent majority US Citizens who are not going to take this abuse of our laws lightly. And many have banded together to remove these Senators and Congressmen who do not act. So, while this is interesting to watch, it maybe even more interesting to see what happens. Consider all this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com