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Illegal Immigration Economic Boycott is a Bogus Argument

Illegal aliens and many of their supporters are under the impression that the money that illegal aliens spend buying products and services is somehow helping our economy. It is amazing the number of people who state this mantra when interviewed by reporters during rallies, protests and civil disobedience.

You see the truth is that if illegal aliens were not here collecting that money in labor, Americans would have more money and thus be buying more. So it is an absolutely absurd argument that they buy stuff and therefore should stay. In fact illegal aliens are taking a huge toll on our country.

Did you know that 33 percent of all violent criminals in federal prison or illegal aliens? How much do you think that costs? How many scholarships can we do to citizens of the United States of America to go to college with that kind of money? Did you know that in California over key hospitals have already closed due to illegal aliens and not been reimbursed for services?

Did you know that illegal aliens send back to Mexico over $15 billion each period from our economy to their families and that much of his money goes under reported? For instance if illegal aliens work at a carwash and are paid under the table then there are no taxes taken out. And if they go to Western Union and wire half the money each week back to Mexico to their families do you really believe this is helping our economy?

If you do, you are on drugs and therefore trying to debate this topic is a waste of my time. Wake up America illegal aliens are not good for economy; if you think they are you are simply full of crap. Thank you and consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com