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Illegal Immigration; What Can We Do About It?

Some say that the people coming over our border are just trying to build a better life? Well not all of them, some come to join gangs, sell drugs or steal cars. Did you know that currently if you are caught three times you are barred for life from even visiting currently, in AZ over 35% of the Prison population is illegal aliens, that is a huge cost indeed.

One man stated; “How about creating Immigration posts along the border with Mexico and as the US deports the illegals, tell them to get in line to legalize themselves - not put them in jail along with hardened criminals?”

If we had bio-metric ID cards for those immigrating or on work visas, we could have a simple plan, but we need to be paid back transportation costs too. This should not be a burden on the taxpayer either. If someone committed a crime, deport for life, if we had our borders secure, we could do this, if not, well it would all be talk and basically that is where we have been all along.

We want tourism, trade, money flows back, as so much money has been sent there. Mexican Nationals travel here and Americans travel there, we reciprocate, these are good things. We have many zones where so many people come and go each day that those cities like El Paso are really “free zones” in other words the check points are after the city and often the border is a chain link fence with houses on both sides and shopping carts lined up for those who hop the fence to buy groceries so in that case, I wonder who we think we are kidding here really.

We need to take into consideration the issues of disruption also, those could be quite serious, but as it stands now, may as well have no border than this charade. We need a fair plan, streamline immigration and protect our country and the laws here. Besides during wartime let’s not do anything stupid either. Let’s consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com