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European Union Official Bashes Australia for Its Link with United States

Marred with controversy and issue on the alleged bias, the World Trade Organization recently witnessed another global trade squabble when a prominent official of the European Union lambasted Australia for apparently favoring the United States. The quest for liberalization of global trade and eradication of market restrictions, which triggered the feud, has been the subject of feud and meticulous study in the past few years.

According to an article published in an online journal, Peter Mandelson, the Trade commissioner of the European Union, announced that he wouldn't be attending an anticipated international conference on global trade, the forum of the Cairns Group, to be held in Australia next month. This is due to reasons, which include his non-belief in the intentions of the country, since Australia is said to be closely inclined to the ideals of the United States.

In an interview with "The Star Online," Mandelson was quoted as saying that "Australian government, as a close friend and ally of the United States, really has got to show some realism." The close alliance between Australia and the United States is said to be rooted to the fact that Australia had obtained a free trade status with the United States. Many, like Mandelson, interpret this as a sign that Australia already pledged its loyalty on Uncle Sam. In turn, this relationship is said to affect the global trade in general.

A couple of World Trade talks are currently paralyzed because of the feud between the United States and some European countries such as Switzerland over market restrictions, a classic issue on global trade. An instance of this issue would be the international talks on the financial aid given out to farmers, talks that should have been held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Through these talks, including the Cairns Group, which involves several countries in Asia (The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand) and different continents (Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Canada, and New Zealand, among others), economic leaders will have the chance to further discuss the matters concerning global trade, most especially the financial aid given to farmers and workers in third world countries. But Mandelson remains firm in his decision not to attend the forum of the Cairns Group. He added that the aforementioned symposium is not the only one which would give him a chance to take part in the global trade issues.

Meanwhile, Alexander Downer, Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister, says Mandelson's bashing wouldn't change anything. It will neither aid in the improvement or development of the global trade. According to the online journal, the minister said that the European Union official is in a crucial position right now because he is the spokesperson for trade liberalization and other issues of more than twenty countries in Europe.

The progress of these global trade forums is yet to be seen. According to minister Downer, as lifted verbatim from the online journal source, "The European Union has not been prepared significantly to improve its market access offer for agricultural products and for as long as it refuses to increase its market access offer, well then, we're going to get a settlement to this problem." The tension between Australia-United States and the opposing European parties greatly affect the development of the global trade.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com