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The United States of America Is Involved in the Most Number of Wars?

It is truly amazing that people slander the United States of America and tell us that the United States is involved in the most number of wars. Then the next week when a war breaks out in the Middle East between Hezbollah and Israel the same people demand that the United States of America intervene with military force to protect the innocent life.

What hypocrisy indeed? If the US has become the Worlds Watch Dog then they will be somehow involved in a number of wars. The number of people in prison is because we do not shoot and kill dissidents here. I stand tall and repeat; The United States of America is the Greatest Nation in the history of Mankind and it blows away even the tales of Atlantis and other mythological past civilizations. I win this argument and declare victory complete and total.

It is not right and it is unacceptable for the people of the world to slander this great nation on the Internet and forums and on blogs. Of course the United States of America will be involved in many wars but that is not because the United States of America is a hostile country; it is because the world is a hostile place with humans, which need to grow up and get with the program.

It is a very corrupt and Machiavellian world out there and fairy few nations care about their own people. For anyone to call the United States of America anything but the Most Noble and Giving Nation on the Planet is spreading falsehoods.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com