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Immigration - Heated Problem

Immigration in the US is a heated topic as of late. The problem is with illegal immigrants from Mexico. Citizens are upset that illegals are taking jobs, not paying taxes, but at the same time taking advantage of government programs.

citizens including legal aliens do not want illegals to not have to pay their dues. However, many speculate that economic damage by deporting illegals would be massive. Also how would the government execute a plan that would deport millions of people at once.

The solution will not be simple. The government has not made any solid moves because of the touchyness of the subject. President Bush will address the nation on this issue on Monday. Just talks of deportation or any action other than amensty has sparked protest marches in major cities across the US. In one particular march, immigrants were proudly waving Mexican flags. That makes me upset. If they want to stay they should be proud to be here and not bragging about where they're from.

A solution should start at the border. Better border patrol means fewer illegals. Some citizens are taking this up themselves due to a lack of a response from Washington.

What to do with illegals already in the country? That's difficult. Deportation is not plausible.

Some sort of worker program is needed. Requirement to pay back taxes, and set them up to get on track to become legal citizens.

One thing is for certain. This issue can no longer be pushed to the back burner.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com