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How to Exploit Illegal Immigration Folks at a Carwash

Have you ever seen all the illegal aliens at the local car washes? Did you know that they are completely exploiting that labor? They are and do you know how they do it? Simple really they tell all the illegal aliens to come to the car wash at opening. Then they put them on the clock as the place gets busy you see.

Next if the business gets slow they start taking people off the clock. The illegal aliens hang around hoping it will get busy. Many are paid in cash under the table, not withholding taxes, social security, nothing. You see the car wash can do this as they are in a cash type business.

Many of these illegal aliens are paid whatever the owner in the area can get away with. Sometimes these illegal aliens work there for a while until a local Contractor hires them away. It is if you will a “Stepping Stone” type job for the illegal alien who has no local connections and has newly arrived here, after breaking the law and sneaking over the border. But they find comfort in another law-breaker, the car wash owner who hires them and violates our immigration laws also and then exploits them for his own greed.

What can you do to stop this abuse, exploitation and lawbreaking criminal activity of carwash owners across the country? Well you can call in the INS and Border Patrol in the phone book and complain and see that they do something about this once and for all. You can make a difference, so make that call. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com