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Mexico Will Not Help in Securing the US-Mexican Border

It is very hard to see a diplomatic communication with your next-door neighbor country, as they promoted their citizenry to break our laws and cross our borders has illegal aliens. Mexican President Vincent Fox has addressed the younger male generation to come to the United States of America to work and soon back money and they have no intention on enforcing the U.S. Mexican border.

But, Mexico's unwillingness to help the United States secure the U.S. Mexican border is nothing new in fact below is an excerpt of an article I had written in the year 2000 discussing the U.S. Mexican border issue:

“They [Mexican Government] say that the receiving Nation is responsible to keep out the illegal immigrants and will do nothing to help our situation. Action needs to be taken. To improve the economy in Mexico, which we are doing very nicely due to all the money being sent back and to keep their government from corruption, which they seem to be taking on themselves albeit at a snails pace; we must take action now. So the next step is to enforce the laws we made with regards to illegal immigration or take down the borders completely. Since short-term border removal is not a good plan, we need to make sure that those coming to the US learn the language, are trained correctly, and are immunized to prevent once eradicated diseases from coming back. If we stop illegal immigration now, and enforce legal immigration, we can stop the time bomb from going off.”

Well, that was back in 2000 and not a darn thing was done. Today we have the illegal immigrants waving Mexican flags and working in our streets telling us that they want to say legal rights is all Americans have. We are way overdue in solving this problem and it is just so hard to believe with 24-million illegal aliens in our nation that nothing has been done. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com