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Its About Takeover Not Immigration

As the protests continue over the immigration situation, it appears very clear that those in the streets want no border security. Basically, anyone who wants to come to America should come. That appears to be the logic. Of course, that would be the end of America if such an insane policy were to take place.

The waving of Mexican flags is the true nature of those protesting. A sort of "we want it back" mentality has taken root thanks to years of propaganda from politicians, academia and television. Thus, the concept of coming to America in an orderly fashion is no longer an idea tolerated. Those who want to "bum rush" this nation are given the green-light to do so.

The huge amount of illegals at the protests from city to city showed an arrogance and a refusal to deal with the law. Then again, years of back-turning has led to this.

Those running corporations really have no use for America any longer. They want a slave society. The few get even more wealthy while the masses of people lose on wages, benefits and quality of life. "New world order" now means something to people. It simply means crushing the American dream of a good living. It means importing a never-ending stream of low-educated people to take jobs from Americans. It means to deport our manufacturing base. It means to increasingly takeover even good-paying jobs. When it is "never enough" for the wealthy, only bad things can come out of it.

America has become the attractive prostitute; just keep on using her in a disgusting manner. If there is resistance, just go out into the streets and scream and shout no matter if you should be here or not. Use her public services and pay little to no taxes. Give birth to children in America and that child is now a citizen no matter how the parents arrived.

Meanwhile, of course, places like Mexico have very tough immigration laws as do many nations in this world. It does not matter if the hypocrisy of it all stinks to the mountains. America has shown to be a "paper tiger" in such cases. Wars half-a-world-away? Then America has a roar.

Special interests smell "blood-in-the-water." Left-wing activists see huge power in the future with poor masses of people spilling over. Businesses see a slave society where they get richer. The dwindling "middle class" slowly sees themself as someone awaiting execution.

Immigrants are people who apply to come to a nation and are selected by the government. What we have now are takeover migrants. They want what they want and want it now. But when a host country has been so weak-willed and so deceitful, what can one expect?

Robert Carberry is a freelance writer from New York.

Article Source: http://coolimmigration.com/?expert=Robert_Carberry