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Primaries Should Go South Earlier

As you know, Huckabee won Iowa and McCain won New Hampshire. To a culturist this is very bad news. That is because both of these candidates are pro-Amnesty. That means that they are likely to naturalize illegals in terrorist cells and further erode our national sovereignty.

Perhaps, this indicates that culturists are out of touch with the American people. Polls show, however, that immigration is a top issue of concern with voters. It has been a focus of the debates. Huckabee even brought Jim Gilchrist, a founder of the minutemen, aboard to get an immigration enforcement image. I do not think that Americans are unconcerned about immigration.

So what gives? This culturist's theory has to do with geography. Our system allows people from Northern cities to winnow down the candidates. Iowa is one state away from Canada and three states away from our southern border. New Hampshire actually touches Canada. Other than Maine, it is our Northernmost state. These states are less likely that Southern states to have fully encountered and understand the impact of immigration. And, between these primaries and the next round we get Wyoming and Michigan!

Our primary season should be more geographically representative of the nation. Early inclusion of at least one state from the South or Southwest would make the process more likely to reflect the concerns of most Americans. It would be fair to start off with Iowa, then go to Arizona, then go to New Hampshire and then go to South Carolina. Not all regions of the country see the world the way the Northernern most states do.

If this culturist is correct, when we get to states further South we will see very different results. Immigration will be a deciding factor in states that do not border Canada. In the long run, we should work to get the nomination process changes so that it does not only ask the Northernmost states which candidate reflects their concerns.

Article Source: http://coolimmigration.com/?expert=John_K._Press