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11 Million Illegal Aliens or 24 Million; Which is It?

Most Americans and the United States government have no idea how many illegal aliens are actually in the country. The current and most used figures are between ten and twelve million, however there are also over 4 million over stayed visas, which automatically makes that figure between 14 and 16 million illegal aliens currently in the United States of America.

However, I would like to point out in the year 1999 a study was done that stated then; there are eight to 10 million illegal aliens in the United States and 60 percent come from Mexico, additionally the report stated that over one million illegal aliens continue to come to the United States each year. Well, if that is true add 8 million to 10 million and you have 18 million plus 4 million over stayed VISAs. That my friends is 22-million illegal aliens and United States of America right now.

However, another report stated that in the last three years 500,000 or half a million illegal aliens are entering the country from the Mexican border every quarter. That is a rate of 2 million per year. So that would be 6 million illegal aliens have entered United States of America in the last three years alone.

So if we add this all up now, that makes between 21 million and 25 million illegal aliens in United States of America at this moment. So I have a question for Hillary Clinton, George Bush and all the Senators who so conveniently went on vacation when addressing his hot political issue. Stop purporting to number of illegal aliens as between 10 and 12 million because that is bullsheet. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com