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Move Tour de France to United States; All Proceeds Go to Fighting Cancer

For the past month I have been planning my long-distance bike ride across the United States and in doing so I have been considering challenging routes, as I do not want it to be too easy. The harder the better for me; sure most people think it would be great to just finish and ride 50-70 miles per day with the occasional 100-mile ride and rest one day per week, not me. You see I want to ride 150-250 miles per day and take two shifts of 15-25 hours per day.

Now then you are saying; yes so you are a maniac, what is the point? Well the point is this. In the United States we have mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers and all sorts of thing. We can build a much more challenging course in the United States than is possible in France. Now why should we do this; Well simple that Tour de France course is simply too easy for Americans and we keep making the French look bad over there.

Plus the French keep slandering our riders and calling them dopers and steroid takers, which is not true, but the French have a way of creating news and putting out media hits on the United States. I say enough is enough, lets just take that race and move it over to the US and boycott their wine and their bike races. We need the Tour de America right here at home. Please consider this in 2006 and we can donate all the money to charity to fight cancer.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com