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The United States is the Greatest Nation, but Why?

We all know that the United States of America is the greatest civilization in the history of mankind. That is obvious, but what makes the United States so great? Well there are quite a few good reasons although lets consider the fiber that holds together civilizations and what the United States has to offer in that regard.

First consider the US and the standard of living, Middle Class, Flows of Civilization; communication, transportation, distribution, common currency, common language, water, power, freedom, information flow. Sure all those may have been wonderful civilizations and the Ming Dynasty lasted forever and day, but nothing compares to what we have developed in the present period and we can do even better.

Of all the wonderful civilizations our middle class, standard of living, etc. beats it all, every last one of them. Now then some would argue that the UK is a good runner up? Well in America we got a pretty good taste of what that was about and how colonialism really works. Didn't we? Talk about freedom? And if you are calling in from Australia lets not be so quick to deny why that ancestry is there or who they may have inadvertently upset to be put there.

I have heard other arguments and in the future perhaps the US will be surpassed, but of all the other arguments and great nations really no others come close. And all these wonderful civilization in ancient history where are they now? Gone. Not so great? Collapsed, why?

Because they did not understand the flows, or underestimated the rivalry of the human species, or imploded due to disruption. In the study of world civilizations as far as the human history can take us. I choose this time period above all other past periods and I choose the United States of America as an example of what can be achieved. And I dare anyone to deny how great this nation is. Lets all consider this before we bad mouth the United States of America.

Anyone who bad-mouths such a great nation and people clearly has absolutely no clue as to what they are talking about. I say once more that; The United States of America is the best and greatest nation or civilization in the entire annals of human history and I dare anyone to come up with a close approximation of a Runner up with this large of a population. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com