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Immigration Laws In The United States » Illegal Immigration From Mexico To United States

Mexico Should Pay Interest on the Debt in the Amount Illegal Aliens Send Home

The United States taxpayer pays interest on the money that the government borrows and puts into existence. Mexico should pay the interest on the amount of money sent back to Mexico by their illegal workers here. The taxpayer is paying debt that the American government has borrowed from the Federal Reserve.

Mexico must pay the debt in the amount of and equal to the amount of money that illegal aliens and illegal immigrants who have snuck over the border are sending back to their families in Mexico. We estimate this amount of money to be no less than $15 billion every quarter. Currently we're told there are 12 million illegal aliens in our nation and 6 million overstayed visas. That makes 18 million illegal aliens or illegal immigrants in our country.

Some believe the 18 million is too low of a number and the real members are much closer to 24 million illegal aliens and illegal immigrants in United States of America and over 60 percent of those have come for Mexico. The United States taxpayer should not be burdened by an inefficient government, which does not enforce laws of United States of America's constitution.

In the Constitution the federal government is responsible for making sure that the states are protected from foreign invaders and last time I checked 24 million illegal aliens or if you want to call them illegal immigrants from Mexico who have come over the U.S. Mexican border are definitely invading our country and causing economic shifts and problems. We must stop this insanity, enforce our laws and be careful not to allow ourselves to be overrun by foreign nation. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com