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Why Cant We Open Our Borders

During the intense debates over illegal immigration in the media, on the streets and in our homes one has to eventually ask the question; what if we simply open our borders, then what would happen? Well essentially in a way that is what we have done. Some say any problems in Mexico causing people to flee to the United States are indeed our problems here too.

The United States has attempted to help Mexico and they have come a long way thanks to us in the last 18 years after previously having a pretty severe economic crisis. For those who would like to see the eventual long-term goal of an open border, I applaud you. But also the current reality; created reality or not is the one we must live in, the present, so until we can build the Utopia of the human race, heaven on Earth so to speak, I guess you could call it, we must lay down some ground rules in order to get it done.

Sure we have fallen down previously our immigration backlog, courts jammed and such. But also allowing a continuation of an unsustainable situation here; well the means will not justify the ends you see? And if we do everything fair and wonderful, but fail to create the Utopia, we are still back to square one and sacrificed our civilization in the process and never actually achieved your very noble dream of one-world peaceful human race you see? Perhaps we should consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com