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Low Light Security Camera Tips To Know Before You Buy

Security cameras are used for video surveillance and are used both for business and residential applications.

There are few things you should keep in mind when selecting the right low light security camera for your needs. How do you know your camera will perform in low light situations? Each camera has a specification known as the camera Lux rating or Minimum illumination rating.

Based on this you will be able to determine whether a camera can perform well in low light application or not. Lux is a unit measuring the intensity of light. The light of a full moon is about 0.1 lux, while bright sunlight is about 100,00 lux. The closer to zero the Lux rating the better the camera will perform in a low light application.

For example, night vision security cameras have a Lux rating of 0. This means the security camera can see in complete darkness with no light required. Most monochrome or black and white security cameras have a lower Lux rating than color security cameras therefore they perform better in low light situation.

However recent advancements in color camera technology have improved their low light performance. These cameras are called day night cameras. A high end low light security camera will automatically switch to a black and white picture at night for optimum performance in a low light situation and switch back to color once the light level is adequate.

When selecting a camera you should always factor in the follow

1. The location and height of the camera

2. The distance from the object you are monitoring

3. The available lighting

4. Lux rating

5. Will it have direct or indirect sunlight on it.

The order of importance on these 5 things will be strictly a personal choice, but are all equally important when purchasing a low light security camera. Your over all performance will suffer if you donít choose the right camera for the security application you are faced with.

It is virtually impossible to describe all types of available security cameras available. Cameras have become smaller, less expensive, and better qualities than they were in the past. These improvements are good for the consumer and make the job of finding the right camera easier

In conclusion, the advancements in low light security cameras provide you with many options. Be sure and know the lux rating of your camera. The closer to 0 the better your camera will be able to perform without light and the better job it will do in providing low light security for you.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com