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Illegal Liposuction Surgeons May Evade Justice Through Deportation

Recent events in Boston, Massachusets have left a family bereft of one member and the pepetrator responsible for the loss seems to have found a way to evade prosecution. One Luiz Carlos Ribeiro, and his wife, Ana Maria Miranda Ribeiro, were charged with manslaughter after performing an illegal underground liposuction operation on a 24 year old woman, one Fabiola DePaula.

Ms DePaula suffered death from complications caused by the liposuction procedure, which took place on July 30, 2006. The complications included pulmonary fat emboli, or fat particles in the lungs, which led to the patient's demise. The surgery took place at the basement of the doctor's condominium, where he and his wife were performing underground cosmetic surgeries including plastic surgery and liposuction.

Ribiero was a licensed practitioner in his homeland of Brazil, but has no license for medical practise in the United States. Authorities investigating the case stated that Ribiero has apparently been working as an underground cosmetic surgeon for several years now. Both he and his wife were faced with charges of manslaughter by local prosecutors, and the owner of the condominium, Ana Celia Pena Sielemenn, was charged with selling drugs illegally for anesthetic purposes.

However, Sielemenn apparently faced charges of illegal immigration several years prior to their manslaughter case, and was supposed to have been deported. Evading detection by federal authorities, she has been living illegally in the United States ever since. Once this information came to light, the federal charges took precedence and Sielemenn has been deported back to Brazil, where she has been cleared of any charged related to the local Boston manslaughter case.

On the other hand, while Mr Ribieros is awaiting prosecution for manslaughter, his wife was immediately taken into the custody of federal officials ss soon as the Ribiero couple posted bail. She has been charged with violating the terms of her visa and faces deportation charges. This occurred because there was a lack of paperwork from the local prosecutors and the district attorney's office requesting that the couple be detained and remanded to their custody. Soon after the federal agents took the wife in, she was quickly detained for deportation proceedings due to the prior standing order of the federal judge demanding her deportation and removal from United States soil.

This caused the family and friends of DePaula to cry out in outrage, as the perpetrators of her death apparently have a chance to escape justice. Their concern also extends to other people who may be victims of underground cosmetic surgeons in the future, who may also evade prosecution in a similar fashion. It is entirely possible that other underground cosmetic surgeons may be living illegally in the country, and as such will be able to avoid any charges by turning themselves into the federal authorities and opting for deportation as a means to avoid the harsher mandates of manslaughter.

Ana Maria Miranda Ribeiro is currently in the custody of federal authorities handling the deportation case. Currently, before the deportation case reaches a resolution and she is removed from the country, federal authorities are trying to work with local prosecutors and the district attorney in an attempt to resolve both cases. While neither case is related to each other, the federal authorities are trying to work parallel the district attorney, who is trying to get Mrs. Ribieros back into state custody to face her charges.

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Charlene J. Nuble

Source: www.coolimmigration.com