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President Fox Projects Minimum of 500,000 Immigrants per Year for Decade to US

Our good neighbor to the South has joyfully proclaimed that no matter what the United States Senate and United States Congress come up for in the way of a new immigration reform bill that we should suspect to see half a million immigrants whether legal or illegal for the next 10-years and maybe much higher with peaks in some years.

He said it is up to the United States if these immigrants will be legal or illegal, but either way they will be coming from Mexico. Indeed it is estimated that 60% of the United States illegal aliens now come from Mexico and this trend he speaks of is indeed easy to justify due to current and numbers and over the last two and a half decades.

What one has to wonder of course is why Mexican President Fox believes that there is nothing that the United States can do about this issue and why it does not matter if it is legal or not; it will happen. Is he saying to us as he projects a minimum of 500,000 Immigrants per year for the next decade to US that this is the what our industrial needs project or is he saying to us that is the number of drug addicts, criminals and malcontents that the Nation State of Mexico is trying to discharge?

We are a sovereign nation; The United States of America, are we really going to let our neighbor South, with a far inferior and corrupt nation dictate how many illegal aliens we are going to take from his nation? This is simply crazy. Why would we allow this?

Source: www.coolimmigration.com