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Florida Criminal Lawyers

The Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, based in Tallahassee, regulates the functioning of criminal lawyers in Florida. Founded in 1988, it has nearly 1,500 members. Its mission statement, according to its official website www.facdl.org, lists five important objectives, of which two are of great importance to consumers. They are: “To improve the criminal justice system at the judicial, legislative and executive levels” and “To promote the protection of the rights of individuals.” FACDL is the state organ of the National Association Criminal Defense Lawyers, whose Official website is www.nacdl.org.

Usually people imagine a criminal lawyer to be a professional involved in highly dramatic situations in courtrooms. However, this is only one aspect of their work. A criminal lawyer may spend one day with the client discussing the legal problem. He may spend another day in the study [library or a computer terminal] doing research on relevant points of law. He may spend yet another day in trial practice, actually pleading before the judge in court. Sometimes, he may also be visiting the scene of the crime.

Most criminal lawyers spend hours researching and developing legal reports and documents. Though the advantages of information and communication technology are immense, there is a downside too, particularly in relation to cyber and transnational crimes. This means that today’s criminal lawyers need to be equipped with the latest methods to handle these issues. In the US, there have always been excellent facilities for continuing legal education programs. The Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers offers regular programs for its members.

www.facdl.org is an excellent resource to locate criminal lawyers in Florida.

Article Source: http://coolimmigration.com/?expert=Peter_Emerson