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Lively Montclair, New Jersey

Montclair, New Jersey is New York City in a bag. Well, not really! Located just 12 miles west of Manhattan, the town has the look and feel of New York without the crowds, pollution, or prices. Well, maybe they DO have the prices.

Home to Montclair State University, the town attracts the upper crust as well as the poor. With just 8 square miles and 40,000 residents the town is bustling from end to end. Parks can be found throughout and the seasonal festivals are a blast. May in Montclair is a popular event as well as is their Farmer's Market, Art in the Park, etc. Other destinations around the township worth a look include: the Montclair Art Musuem, churches, shopping and more.

If you like a good bagel, go to Watchung Plaza in the center of the township. While there, you will find plenty of ethnic eateries as well as the typical greasy spoon. The town isn't cheap, so expect to spend your money! Enjoy the antiques, art shops, galleries, and second hand stores too.

Montclair is located in Essex County and is adjacent to Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, Verona, and the Oranges.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com