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Introduction to Derry

Home to a long and rich history, a thriving arts culture, an exciting and varied nightlife and not one but two Nobel Prize winners, it would certainly be fair to say that Derry is a small city that packs a great big punch!

To say that Derry has something for everyone does not begin to do justice to the sheer enormity of the culture within the city walls; Derry has a lot of something for everyone! The arts and the cultural heritage of the city are well represented in numerous playhouses, museums, theaters and other cultural centers. Art galleries abound in this fascinating metropolis, and the McKinney Academy of Irish Dance is definitely a must-see for any fan of this lively aspect of Irish culture. The Academy does bookings for performances at a variety of group functions; if Derry is your choice of venue for a wedding, family reunion or some other group celebration, you might well wish to take advantage of this service.

The city is also home to a wide number of shops and retail venues. If you hope to take home a unique souvenir, if you want to add a designer piece or two to your wardrobe, or even if you simply left your foul-weather gear at home in your haste to leave, Derry will be able to accommodate you!

If itís entertainment youíre after, Derry will not disappoint. Given its location on the River Foyle, as well as its close proximity to the countryside and some lovely beaches, Derry is a popular choice for nature lovers too. Cycling, water sports, fishing and hiking are all options for visitors to Derry, and if golf is your game, youíll be pleased to know that Derry is home to courses of international renown. Whatever your pleasure may be, rest assured that Derry will be able to deliver!

Source: www.coolimmigration.com