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Labor Costs for Car Washes on the Rise Again

The car wash industry is having problems due to increased labor costs. Right now it seems as if the average amount paid per hour to the workers is $6.50 per hour just to start and the average wage across United States for car washes is $7.10 per hour of course also understand that these employees also get tips from the customers. And therefore some of these carwash employees especially those who are drying the cars off are making well over $10 per hour. That is a pretty good job for that basic labor.

One of the reasons for the higher starting wages is because of the low unemployment rates the United States and the crackdown on illegal immigration. Carwash owners have been notorious for hiring illegal aliens to work in their car washes. They may not be able to do this anymore because there is a public outcry when the labor does not speaking Lynch and are thought to be illegal aliens.

There have been a number of very high publicity carwash busts by the INS and border patrol in many states. In fact the largest carwash chain in the United States was busted this last year for hiring illegal aliens and forced to pay heavy fines.

Besides basic labor carwash owners are also paying over $40,000 per year for the managers of the car washes and that is up significantly from previous years. It is estimated that the total labor cost and car washes is up nearly 30% in the last two years. If you are considering going into the carwash business you need to think about this because it will be your biggest cost. Please consider all this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com