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The Law Against Illegal Immigrants

The new law that targets illegal immigrants was implemented in Wisconsin on August. 1. As per the law, people are required to prove their citizenship and identity whenever they enroll in or renew their eligibility for Medicaid, Badger Care and many such programs that run in other states.

As many as 14,034 people, most of them children, were denied health insurance through state health programs last year. This happened just because of this new federal law that demands proof of citizenship and identity.

This law was implemented to prohibit the illegal immigrants from registering in these programs. However, pregnant women still have the rights to ask for prenatal care.

The interesting fact is that legal immigrants have also become ineligible for health programs during their first five years in the U.S.

To prove citizenship, one needs to produce a passport, certificate of naturalization or certificate of U.S. citizenship and all forms of citizenship with photo identification. Unfortunately, people who qualify for these state health programs do not have passports. Most of the people born and brought up in the United States do not have certificates of naturalization.

Producing photo identification is a must. Then, what about kids under 16? Most of them do not have an actual photo ID! Moreover, the federal regulations do not allow photo identification from an employer. Only driverís licenses, military identification and state identification cards are allowed.

If any service is provided to illegal immigrants registered in the programs fraudulently, less money is left to provide any sort of health service to U.S. citizens.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com