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What Anti Aging Clinics Dallas Forgot To Mention

Anti Aging Clinics in Dallas are among the most sophisticated in the country, but they don't know some of the basics. This article discusses anti aging clinics Dallas and what they didn't know.

I was looking for anti aging clinics, and found that Dallas had some of the best ones, with the experts who were recognized leaders in the country. You can find world class experts in nip and tucks, and dermatologists with the latest to make your skin look wonderful.

Yet, when I inquired about some basic facts about anti aging, I found some of the answers were lacking.

They didn't discuss some new anti aging discoveries because they were probably too new - and didn't know that products and innovations were already on the market.

What didn't they know? Glutathione and DHA.

You see, these two little substances are among the most powerful in the body.

DHA is part of Omega-3 oils, the essential one that is used everywhere in the body. It's function in the brain has show to give a 3-10 point gain in IQ when proper supplementation was given.

The other one is glutathione, the master antioxidant. It's the antioxidant that is used by every cell in the body, to clean up the leftovers after a cell makes energy.

Sadly, our glutathione levels decline with age, and some speculate it is one of the main reasons we age.

Fortunately, some new discoveries are letting people restore their glutathione levels, so there is hope we can now live to 160 in good health.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com