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Illegal Immigration Worker Program is Employer Amnesty Driven As Well

The new bill being passed for illegal aliens will give credit for those who have lived and worked in the country for a number of years without causing any problems or breaking the law. Kind of a way of saying you have lived an honest life here, we thank you and now let us assist you with becoming a citizen more easily you see?

Unfortunately with this these workers will have to prove they have been here a long time and also need a note from the their employer. Thus the employer will need amnesty for hiring them for that many years. Wait one minute you say? Why should these employers who caused much of the illegal immigration problem get off Scott Free on this whole issue?

Indeed good point, so what I want all of you to do to insure that these companies do not get off Scott Free is to go down to your local car wash tomorrow and count the number of illegal aliens, take some digital pictures and then have them ready after you call the INS and Border Patrol, because if we can indict these scoundrels breaking the law before the law changes, then we can get them for back taxes and hiring illegal aliens and send all these car wash owners to jail where they belong for exploiting illegal immigrants, ripping off our tax system and causing much of this illegal alien issue in the first place.

Can I count on you as an American to do the right thing and turn in these cheaters tomorrow? America wants to know if you are a true American or a free loader of this great nation.

Source: coolimmigration.com