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Solutions To Illegal Immigration » Bushs Illegal Immigration Policy

Traveling Down The Road of Immigration

The media would like us to believe that immigration is only now a hot button issue, and that it is “complicated.” Ethics or morals can be complicated but laws are not. The law, any law, draws a line in the sand and then states that if you choose to cross the line that you will be corrected. It really is that simple. Sympathizers, or in many cases, vote seekers want to make it more complicated. Right and wrong are two separate ideas , not one. That being said, as a policy enforcer, citizen illegal, or other wise you have two options: do the right thing or do the wrong thing. The line is still there no matter how much anyone talks about it or tires to blur it.

Why shouldn’t we give illegal immigrants a pass to stay in this country? Simple because when you work for something it has value. Freedom is not Free. In America you have the right to have an education through high school. You have the right to vote. You have the right to put many ideas into practice that many paid for in blood in the past. Financial freedom must be earned through tenacious hard work. When something is worked toward and then achieved due to that work, whether it has monetary value, or not gains value. Giving America away and what is has to offer degrades it and its citizens. 58% of Mexicans would like to think that America already belongs to them, that they have a right to be here. This thinking circumvents and rationalizes the legality of illegal border crossing. Entitlement apparently now crosses the southern borders.

Immigration is a goal to achieve by a citizen from almost any country can only help America. It must be controlled to assure assimilation which ensures better productivity by the citizen and the government. Uncontrolled immigrations strains healthcare, school systems and business. We now must have a bilingual or exclusively speaking Spanish-speaking teachers. We pay healthcare for someone who often does not contribute tax dollars to cover the cost. We have to pay have bilingual signage on roadways and businesses. Allowing a segment of America to remain lingually segregated by providing services to communicate does not help them or set them free but back them in a corner. They are never forced to learn English or how the American society actually works. We are not helping them but supporting them. We are helping to create another class of citizen.

Both political parties have vied for years to court the legal/illegal immigrant vote. Republicans zero in on the mainly Christian morals while Democrats use the poor minority angle. Both parties share the tactic that would appease the would-be voters: A free pass to stay in the United States. All the while, both parties all but ignore the 65% of Americans that believe amnesty should not be offered to illegal immigrants, and they can already vote.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com