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Illegal Aliens - Halt the Flood Now - an Essay

Right now your elected representatives continue to sell out America. Congress now is considering granting amnesty to 13 million illegal aliens. This program will be impossible to administer and only encourage more illegals. Don't be surpised if this cheap labor bids for your job. I have ancestor that fought in every U.S. war since the revolution. Two of them gave their lives on the battlefield. None of us defended our country to see our elected representatives allow a barbarian invasion from south of the border.

The majority of our elected representatives just waffle on the issue of illegal immigration. We have laws on the books that must be enforced now. There is no middle ground on this issue unless you are one of these diversity freaks that take pride in telling your fellow Americans that English will no longer be the dominate language by the year 2050. This is bunk. If enough patriots refuse to accept this then we can stop the flood and begin sending back these illegal's. Do you like seeing our border towns become combat zones? Do you really want more gangs in America? These illegal's come to colonize and not melt into our society. Most if not all of these illegals know all the tricks necessary to get money out of our treasury, money that you contributed largely through paying taxes.

You want to see a drop in illegal's? Go after the companies that employ them. Cut off the money and you will see a halt in aliens trying to cross the border. Our leaders have avoided this issue. Many of the companies give large campaign donations to both major political parties. The stockholders of these outfits like the cheap labor illegal's provide. We must let our royal politicians know that we will no longer tolerate a do nothing congress when it comes to halting the tidal wave of illegal immigrants pouring across the border.We need to start "operation new faces" in Washington.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com