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Solutions To Illegal Immigration » Guy Takes Illegal Workers To Immigration Office

Charades in Congress - Its Not About Immigration Folks

We're being overrun by illegal immigrants! Just listen to any talk show host, TV or radio, read any of the dying newspapers in town or pick up Time or Newsweek. Right? I mean itís all over and theyíre right except about the cause and the solution

Read the headlines, the Republicans are going to save the day, the Dem's of course have our best interests at heart and I even heard one moron in Congress say theyíd already made great strides because they passed the 'fence' deal awhile back. That fence will be about as effective as the electronic barrier McNamara and his Whiz Kids spent a fortune on at the DMZ in Nam. But even if it did work, Congress still hasnít provided any funding.

Now donít get me wrong, immigration in this country is a major problem, its costing us billions. But look at whatís behind immigration. The people from Mexico come here for a reason ... WORK. If we didnít have work they wouldnít come. Why do we have work? We have work because our own people in this country are too lazy. We have it too good. We wonít do dirty work any more. That is the bottom line as to 'why' they come. They come because of the American dream that weíre living.

A good friend of mine lives in Texas. He moved their a few years back for warmer weather and started a construction business. He was in business before but this time he committed to starting over and hiring American' workers. That lasted exactly three months and he said, "Ed, if I'd have stuck to that strategy I'd have been broke in another three months." I hired all Americans and they showed up drunk, late or not at all. My turnover was nearly every two weeks. They were lazy bums and I was going broke.

Before you think this guy might not know what he was doing, heíd been in the business before for twenty years. He knew how to hire. He used the free market. He hired immigrants, mostly illegal. Some have been with him now for years. Guess what? They work too. His business is quite successful. Thatís why theyíre here, to work. But that's not the real news; the real news is the second part of the immigration issue. Why does the government take years to process the applications, which his workers have filed? Because the government doesnít want to solve the problem. There's too much money in it. Theyíre playing charades.

Check this out. A couple of months ago one of his workers gets picked up in a 'sweep' by county law enforcement. You see they sit back and every few months get illegalís shopping the local Wal-Mart and cart them off to jail. His guy seems didnít have a work visa. Now keep in mind the guy didnít have a visa, but he did have a fake passport and drivers license that my friend said he could tell by looking at them they were fake.

My friend gets the usual call, said it happens every few months, and goes down and bails him out. My friend pays his $1,000.00 fine and off they go, back to work. That's the end of it folks, until the next sweep. It goes into the county cash flow. They didnít deport him; get him for fake documents or anything. Of course my friends happy, because he is out of business if they do, no American's to work.

But it gets better. A guy who works for him and manages his operation, an illegal, did get deported one day. Now keep in mind theyíre like twelve hours from the border. The guy got sent back to Mexico and was back to work in 48 hours. Efficient! Itís about the money folks. Congress is only interested because the media keeps raising the issue because it sells stuff and itís an election year.

My friend says the illegalís laugh when they talk about the border fence or the $5,000 charge Congress is talking about imposing on them to become Ďlegalí. You see the price to cross the border is around $3,000.00 a pop, so if we charge them five grand for a permanent fix, well, it's a cost savings. Congress is playing charades.

Let those Bozoís know you know. Yea we need to fix immigration and get the off the payroll. This issue isnít anymore about immigration than the war in Iraq is about, well, who knows what? Itís about money. Congress costs us a fortune just talking about immigration. Follow the money and you get to the root of the problem. The money is a sad trail that leads straight to Washington. Itís amazing that an ordinary, know nothing citizen like me can find this out and Anderson Cooper and his kind report the charade.

Ed Kugler

Source: www.coolimmigration.com