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How To Define Your Morals

Defining morals can be hard, morals can be defined as rules which society makes which we must follow, they can be seen as ways by which to judge others or they can be said to be used to tell a person what is right or wrong, they follow their morals or there morals are their guide. An example of a moral used in this concept is that it is wrong to kill, or it is wrong to cheat during an exam.

Defining your morals is really all about what you think is right or wrong, for example some people believe that it is alright to tell a little white lie as long as it doesnít hurt anyone or to save someone from getting hurt. While others are strongly against telling a lie of any kind regardless of the fact of whether someoneís feelings will get hurt, to them telling a lie is just plain and simply wrong. Sometimes people may have one set of morals for one situation and a totally different set for something else, for example they might not have any problem telling little white lies to their boss but then when home with their family and friends the thought would never enter their head of telling a lie.

Other times certain factors may make us change and define our morals for example the family man with a wife and three children who work hard everyday of his life to give his wife and children the best life possible. One day he loses his job, he canít find another and no one will give him a loan, his money is quickly running out and even though he tries everything possible to get back on his feet he fails to do so. In desperation he could turn to stealing, while in normal circumstances the thought would have appalled him in extreme times it can be surprising to find how much our morals and values can be forced to change.

Define yourself with morals

How we define our morals and standards can also relate to how we were brought up and the background or culture from which we came. They can also change through experiences, so while many judge others solely on their morals without really knowing anything about their background this can be a little harsh.

While each and every one of us does have our own morals, what we personally believe to be right or wrong, the majority of us do have morals alike. For example the majority of sensible people would agree that it is wrong to take the life of another person no matter what that person has done. We would never think of getting behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of alcohol and we wouldnít just walk into a store or up to a person and steal or take what isnít ours. So you see certain morals can be defined as standard while others we are free to choose what it is we wish to believe in.

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