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Stand Up Comedy and Moped

Look, if you want to be a success in stand-up comedy get yourself a few props. Well, actually, one will do. How about doing stand up comedy with a moped. Why? Well, they are quite small and light, and easy to carry around. And they can be quite funny. Or you can be funny with a moped.

This is why I suggest you try stand up comedy and moped. When you start you don't know what to do with your hands - don't grab the mike like a rock star - just leave it alone. Like that aloof girl on the first date.

Stand up comedy and mopeds

Instead wheel in your old, battered, but easy wheeling moped. You can make a joke about the pay in this job being awful, and how you got wet riding it to the club or theater. Add a throw away joke about how not many people use one to ride to work these days - when they've got to go 300 miles or whatever.

The thing is that they have an image - they are either for poor students or pizza delivery boys. You can even make jokes about being ready to try anything when you deliver pizzas for a living.

Engage the audience

Whether you try stand up comedy with a moped or just throw it out after a few minutes, you will have engaged the audience. Maybe even got their sympathy. Guess what? You've started on one of the most important things you need to do to become a success in stand up comedy with or without a moped. You have started to get rapport going - this is very important.

Here is another tip when you do stand up comedy. Always talk to the audience as if talking to one person - a friend. Call them 'you'. That way you will get them on your side.

If you do try stand up comedy and moped you will need to rehearse quite a lot with it. If you are going to fall over it, make sure that you rehearse a fall that leaves you exactly where you want to be, not scratched, and ready to move on. Rehearsal is vital to success, as is a good system and good timing - get the secrets to these here.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com