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Tyson Foods Does Not Need Illegal Aliens That Bad

So many industries in United States of America use illegal immigrants and illegal aliens for their employment base and workforce. The service industry is filled with illegal aliens from food preparation to fast food chains. From the time that the produce leaves the fields to the time it is served to you there are many illegal aliens and illegal immigrants working in those industries.

Perhaps you live in a house that is new, chances are it was built by any illegal alien or illegal immigrant. Perhaps you went to the carwash today and got your car washed; you saw the illegal aliens and illegal immigrants at the carwash and thought yourself how interesting it was to witness this.

Today in a coffee shop I talk to a gentleman about the illegal immigration problem and he said it was all corporate politics and lobbyists that were preventing us from shutting off the U.S. Mexican border. He talked about the food processing plants such as poultry and meat and he singled out Tyson foods because there is a plant in his city, which he knows has some illegal aliens working there.

I believe Tyson foods does not need to hire illegal aliens that badly but I do believe there is a shortage of workers in United States of America and I also realize with the unemployment rates at only 4.9 percent that this is indeed a very huge issue not only for corporations but also for small businesses.

Perhaps there are many interests involved corporate and liberal Democrats who are sticking up for the rights of the illegal aliens who are just trying to build a better life. But unfortunately the United States of America can only take so many new immigrants each year whether they are illegal or not.

If we take the approach that these people are just coming to build a better life then how will we stop the flood of people from China, India, Indonesia and Africa where there are billions of people who want a better life and would love to live in rich America? I hope you'll consider this in 2006 and understand all the issues in all the industries and the reality of the situation before you take a hard line either way.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com