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Statistics On Illegal Immigration » A Short Poem That Relates To Illegal Immigration

24 Million Illegal Aliens Says One Analyst

Illegal immigration has sure been in the news a lot as a hot debated political topic. Currently in the United States, we have allowed 1 million immigrants per year to enter our country nearly unchecked, what happens when these new people are happy at a lower standard of living, driving the wages lower and then causing civil unrest with different races vying for the same jobs before we can stop our self segregation and start melting as was our original plan.

If we kill our job base, we are sunk. It is time for us to stop this bull and move back into the grove. America works better when everyone is winning together. That same mission works well on a sports team, military armies and even in the economy. Everything relates to everything else and nothing can be considered of no value and no decision of policy should be arbitrary. Deciding not to decide is a decision and that has not worked yet and we need to do something now.

If our legislators in Congress and the United States Senate cannot get their act together in a non-partisan plan to knock off this Bullcocky and nonsense, then well may I ask who needs them? And why on Earth are they allowed a two-week vacation over Easter when I have to work with only two days off? I think we should all consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com