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The Term Illegal Alien is Redundant

When we call people illegal aliens isn't that a little bit redundant? An alien, not the UFO type, is something that is not supposed to be there or is out of sync with the rest of a group. Illegal means something that is not suppose to be or in violation. So an Illegal Alien is something that is not supposed to be, not suppose to be there.

I therefore propose that we call the illegal aliens; criminals. Criminal says it all, perhaps “Non-American Criminal” and the reason I bring this up is because many of the protesters and illegal alien and illegal immigration marches are saying that we are alienating these people who are only coming here for a better life.

But, in reality by breaking our laws and sneaking over the border they have already alienated themselves the problem the rest of our society purposely. For those who want to help us all re-condition our minds socially by the politically correct PC police, I say to you; we need to be honest with ourselves and call an ace, an ace and a spade, a spade don’t you think? The politically correct bleeding heart liberals tell us that we cannot call illegal aliens; illegal aliens, because that is a derogatory term.

Well, I would like to make the point that it is derogatory and disrespectful to go to another nation and stage a protest in their streets while carrying a foreign flag and chanting anti-national slogans and demanding rights; So there.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com