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Unions, Politics, and the Border with Mexico

It has been said that politics make strange bed fellows and never before as strange as with the up coming mid term elections and the issues which will be on the table; namely the biggy of Illegal Immigration and the leaking border with the United States of American and Mexico. Many of the liberals in the big money states like New York, Boston, New York, Washington and California want the illegal aliens to get a fair shake and point to the fact that most are merely coming to America to build a better life for themselves and their families. These liberal money people claim that if we did not need the labor so bad that they would not come and that it is our fault for exploiting these poor souls and mistreatment of them because of this fact is so highly unjust and undeserving.

The Unions which normally are strong supporters and huge voting base of the Democrats are very anti illegal immigration point to the fact that these poor souls may wish to feed their families but so do they and they will make it a point to remind democrat politicians that they vote. The Unions know their power and voting block as well as their massive get out the vote campaigns, volunteerism and precinct walking that it takes to win an election. The democrats are now in a huge pickle as they are ripped apart with the illegal immigration issue. If they support the unions they lose the money for their campaigns and if they turn their backs on the Unions they will see more of those purple states turn a shade of bright red. Think on this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com