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Illegal Immigrants and Some Controversial Issues

Many believe that illegal immigration issues and the hostility towards these folks who are said to be just trying to build a better life is unfounded. In fact this issue has been in the news lately and there are some bills working them thru our legislature. Recently this issue was brought up in an online think tank when a fellow thinker stated from actual observation and experience that;

“In my life I have worked with immigrants of all kinds; illegal, legal, resident aliens, etc. and have pretty much decided they are all the same. In fact, usually, the ones who are illegal are the ones who are the hardest, most trustworthy, and at the same time most desperate of all.”

Of course this comment did not go unchallenged by another think tank member who retorted; “You say that those who are illegal work the hardest because they live in fear? Well then you are condoning “economic enslavement” and indeed exploitation of the less fortunate? That is not going to fly in your moral debate and from a philosophical stand point, well one might say that you suck as a human being for thinking that.

Are we exploiting people in the United States? If so, is that what we wish to do? If it is and we are following the Roman style of civilization, then we need to also study the problems that can exist in that type of strategy and the previous history so we do not repeat. Indeed something to consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com